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Our Services

Tech Deploy has within its portfolio cloud and bespoke solutions for infrastructure including WAN, LAN, Wifi, mobility, security, storage, backup through to communications and business applications like MS O365.

Cloud Solutions

Cisco Meraki

The Cisco Meraki portfolio is a very cost effective per user cloud based business platform offering:

  • Centralised management with an easy to use intuitive feature dashboard that enables rapid implementation of new business initiatives

  • High capacity, cloud managed Wireless LAN for sustained high performance across a business.

  • Security that includes identity based firewall, intrusion detection, content filtering advanced malware protection, application visibility and control and centralised management.

  • Centralised endpoint management all driven from the browser-based management dashboard enabling easy onboarding of new devices, managing BYOD and application of security policies.

  • Centralised switch management and control provide performance, network visibility, zero touch cloud provisioning and remote troubleshooting to deployments of any size.

  • Cloud managed smart cameras enabling security visibility from anywhere in the world.

  • TechDeploy has successfully implemented Meraki Solutions for number of key clients across New Zealand and Australlia.

Microsoft Office 365,
Windows 10, Azure

Stuck in the old MS world and want to move to the new suite of cloud based MS products.  Tech Deploy are accomplished at migrations and new deployments of the full suite of MS products.


Switching, Storage, Security, Wif, LAN, WAN and Internet Tech Deploy will consult with you providing recommendations on design before gaining agreement prior to deployment.

Amazon Web Services AWS

AWS cloud services for compute, storage, content delivery.


We live in a mobile world with clients expecting the same service functionality in the office, on the road and at home. We are experienced at protecting your business’ information assets whether they are in your office or your organizations mobile devices.

Professional Services

Architectural Consulting

When bringing a solution together for a client it is important to understand the architectural implications and application and technology integrations. We bring highly experienced consultants to the table to ensure all technology and integration decisions are considered, understood and agreed.

Project Delivery Services

We will work with you understanding your critical success factors and timelines and develop an agreed plan that delivers to those timelines. We can bring experience, understanding and resolve to deliver on time and in full. We understand the impact of change on an organisation and will always work to minimise any impact by working out of work hours or on the weekend without penalty hours where criticality warrants it.

Service Desk

We have extensive experience in setting up service desk support for business and major enterprise clients. We design for client control from the cloud but when required we will implement a service support desk with agreed SLA’s for performance. This is always backed by our field experts who will have remote capability to resolve issues or attend on site where the situation warrants it.

Hardware and Software Licensing Procurement

Where a client has a preference to implement themselves, we can offer cost effective and competitive procurement pricing from the major suppliers and distributors.

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